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Neutering is carried out for a number of reasons

  • prevents females coming into season, becoming pregnant or having false pregnancies
  • eliminates the risk of life-threatening womb infection (pyometra) in females
  • reduces the risk of mammary cancer development in females
  • eliminates the risk of testicular cancer in males
  • reduces the risk of males urine marking and roaming
  • can reduce behavioural issues such as dominance and aggression in some cases

In females, “spaying”, involves removing the womb (ovaries and uterus) and in males, “castration”, involves removing the testicles.  

Neutering is carried out under general anaesthetic.  Your pet will be allowed home the same day and have a postoperative check up after ten days.  During this time they will have to wear an Elizabethan collar. 

Neutering is recommended if your pet is not going to be used for breeding.  The best time to neuter varies between cats, dogs and rabbits so please contact the surgery to discuss your pet's individual needs.  



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